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Adding multiple modules to a target

Note: Target(s) refers to either a Brew MP device or a Brew MP simulation target.

Note: When you add a module to a target by dragging and dropping, the directory that is created for the module on the target will have the same name as the module’s MIF even if the directory on the PC has a different name. See the topic on the Brew MP directory structure.

Note: Loader supports downloading J2ME application modules as well as Brew MP application modules. For J2ME applications modules, make sure that the specified module PC directory contains both JAR and JAD files.

  1. There are two ways to add multiple modules simultaneously:
    • Create a subdirectory on your PC for each module you want to copy, and put all the module-specific files in those subdirectories. See Adding one module to a target, steps 2 through 5.
    • Select all the module subdirectories that you just created and drag and drop them to the Loader GUI.