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Adding one module to a target

This section covers using the Module Install dialog for .brewmp package installation.

Note: Target(s) refers to either a Brew MP device or a Brew MP simulation target.

Note: When you add a module to a target by dragging and dropping, the directory that is created for the module on the target will have the same name as the module’s MIF even if the directory on the PC has a different name. See Brew MP directory structure.

Note: Loader supports downloading J2ME application modules and .tar file installations as well as Brew MP application modules. For J2ME applications modules, make sure that the specified module PC directory contains both JAR and JAD files.

You can install a .brewmp package to the target EFS by either dragging and dropping the files using Loader, or by using the Module Install dialog as discussed in the following steps. The .brewmp packages are created by packager.exe, a Brew MP tool included with the installation of the Brew MP SDK.

  1. Create one subdirectory on your PC for the module you want to copy, and put all the module-specific files in that subdirectory.
  2. Select the device directory you want to install the module to in the Loader GUI. For example, select fs:/usermods. This enables the Loader menu option Module > Install.
  3. From the Module menu in the Loader main window, select Install. The Install Module dialog opens.

    Note: .brewmp package installation is only supported on Developer Mode enabled devices.

  4. In the Location of Package file or MIF file field, click Browse to navigate to the location of the file you want to install.
  5. In the Installation location on device field, make a selection from the drop-down menu.
  6. In the Collection field, select a collection from the drop-down menu to install the module.
  7. Once you have your selections, click Install. The module is added to the target's EFS.

Note: BREW 3.x/4.x devices may need to be reset after downloading the module to recognize the new module. See the topic on Resetting a device for details.