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Resetting a device

When you reset a device, the Loader does the following.
  • Puts the device in offline mode.
  • Power-cycles the device.
  • Puts the device back in online mode.

Note: If your device is running Brew MP, resetting your device may take up to 3 minutes.

Note: If your device is being charged at the time it is reset, the device will turn off, but it may not turn back on. In this case, you need to manually power on the device. If your device is operating on battery power, it turns on automatically.

  1. From the Loader GUI menu, select Tools > Reset Device, or select the Reset device icon in the toolbar, as shown in the following image.
  2. A Loader dialog opens. Click Yes.

    Note: If the device you're using is physically disconnected from your computer, the status bar shows Disconnected, instead of the EFS statistics. To reconnect the device, see Connecting to a different target.