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Running Loader as a CLI

You can run the Loader from the command line using the available command-line options described below.

  1. At the command prompt, navigate to the directory containing Loader.exe, <Brew MP SDK/Toolset 1.0 Rev x/bin>.
  2. The following is the general format for the command-line usage:

    Loader <dll_name> <device_id> options... where dll_name specifies the dll of the specific communication method such as BrewMPBITLOEM.dll or BMPDiag.dll.

    To list the available device interface DLLs, type the following: Loader -a

    To list the device id, type the following: Loader <dll_name> -z
  3. Enter the following in the command prompt for help. Loader -help
  4. The following table lists command-line options.
    command option action
    -c View all supported module collection names on the device. Collection names are optional for CLI commands that take collection names.
    -l <directory> <module_name>[collection] Load all files in <directory> as <module_name> in [collection]
    -g <directory> Copy file from the device to the local directory <directory>. should be specified as </mod/dir/...> ,</shared/dir/..>, etc.
    -d <module_name> [Collection] Delete files on the device belonging to <module_name> in [collection]
    -v [collection] View all modules loaded on the device collection
    -s Display EFS statistics
    -o Put device offline
    -r Reset device (device must be in offline mode)
    -i Interactive mode
    -dir <device directory> Display all items in device directory
    -mkdir <new device directory> Create a new directory
    -rmdir <device directory> Remove the directory
    -copy <pc file> <device directory> Copy <pc file> to <device directory> . Wildcards accepted.
    -copy <device file> Copy <device file> to
    -del <device file> Delete <device file>. Wildcards accepted.
    -rename <old dev file name> <new dev file name> Rename is only supported when the specified dll_name is BTILOEM.
    -start <clsid> <flags> <arg> Start application with the given ClassID with the optional given flags and argument string. Start is only supported when the specified dll_name is BTILOEM.
    -stop <clsid> Stop the application with the given ClassID. Stop is only supported when the specified dll_name is BTILOEM.
    -sendevnt <clsid><event><param16> <param32> Send <event> to applet <clsid> with the optional parameters
    Loader <dll_name> -x Lists the supported APIs of the DLL.
    Loader <dll_name> -y List supported devices of the DLL.