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Managing device connections

Logger can be used to connect to a Brew MP device.

To connect to a Brew MP device, the device must be connected to your computer, otherwise the Connection Manager dialog will not list the device or target as an option.

Connection types

Within the Connection Manager dialog, there are three options available in the connection type drop-down menu:

  • Brew MP Targets [USB] - can connect to Brew MP devices that are in Developer Mode, and simulation targets
  • Brew MP Targets [COM/BTIL] - can connect to Brew MP devices and simulation targets using BTIL
  • Brew Devices [COM/DIAG] - can connect to BREW devices. Can't connect to Brew MP simulation targets

The connection type you select in the Connection Manager dialog may have an affect on logging messages. Generally connecting to a device via COM/DIAG produces more reliable debug output. See the following table.

For more information on Brew MP device connection technology, including a comparison of the three connection types, see the Connect Technology Guide on the Brew MP website.

For more information on Developer Mode, see the Developer Mode Tech Guide, on the Brew MP website.