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Running Logger as a CLI

You can run the Logger from the command line using the available command line options described below.

  1. At the command prompt, navigate to the directory containing Logger.exe, <Brew MP SDK/Toolset 1.0 Rev x/bin>.
  2. The general command format for using Logger in the command line is the following, where the .dll extension for DLL name is optional.: Logger options...
  3. The following is a list of command-line options.
    Command Result
    -h Help/command-line usage
    -z Ports available
    -d Display log output on command prompt
    -p Output log(s) to specified file
    -g Do not log debug messages (dbgprintf)
    -I <32-bit hex filter> Record binary blobs. The least significant bits 0-30 represent buckets. Value is optional
    -m Time before rolling over log files
    -s Maximum log file size before rollover
  4. Enter the following in the command prompt for help.

    Logger -h

Example commands

If you do not know the connection DLL or port name, use the -a and -z options first.

Logger BTILOEM.dll -z

Logger BTILOEM.dll COM1 -d -I 45 -m 5 -s 5000

Logger BTILOEM COM1 -g /mod/chess/ c:\brewapp\chess

Logger BTILOEM COM1 -g

Logger BTILOEM COM1 -I 45 -m 20

Logger QCOMOEM COM1 -p D:\Tools\output

Logger -v