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Logger cannot connect to the device

Problem: Logger is not able to connect to the device.

Cause Solution
Another program besides Logger, might be capturing the serial port to which the device is connected.
  1. Close Logger.
  2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  3. On the Windows Security window, click Task Manager.
  4. Select the Processes tab.
  5. Check which processes are active. If there is an active process that captures the serial port, for example, the Palm Hot Sync Manager or oemlayerserver.exe, terminate it.
  6. Click End Process.
  7. Restart Logger.
The Brew MP version number specified in the Logger when connecting may be different from the actual Brew MP version running on the device under test.

Reconnect with the correct Brew MP version number.

The device is in link box (DM) mode (Link box is showing the Diagnostic Monitor). You get the error message, "Could not connect to the device using the specified device ID".

Reset the device and try to reconnect it.