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Using Simulator

  1. The Simulator can be launched from the Brew MP SDK Manager Tools tab.
  2. If Simulator is launched without an existing target, the Simulator UI closes and Target Manager is launched. Once you create a target in Target Manager, double-click on the target in the Simulator Targets panel of the Target Manager GUI to launch the target. Once the Simulator GUI is launched, the targets can be changed from the Target drop-down menu in the Simulator GUI.

    The following is an image of the Sapphire target.

  3. Clicking on the icons on the Simulator GUI screen changes the following device states.
    • Changes the display to landscape.
    • Changes the display to landscape with keyboard extended.
    • Changes the display to portrait.

To create a new target

  1. Within the Simulator GUI, select Tools > Target Manager to launch the Target Manager GUI.

    Target Manager opens.

  2. Select your desired target.

    Double-clicking the target will display target device details.

    Single-clicking the target will highlight and select the profile.

  3. Select the Create Target button in the lower right corner of the Target Manager GUI.

    The Create Target dialog displays with a default target name provided. Edit the target name if desired, and click Proceed. Names must be valid directory names in Windows.

  4. Once the target is created, close the Target Manager window. The newly created target is now available from the Target drop-down menu in the Simulator GUI.

For more information on using Target Manager, please see the Target Manager Help document, available from the Help menu of the Target Manager GUI.

To change targets

The following two methods can be used to switch targets in the Simulator GUI:

  • Select the target from the Target drop-down menu in the Simulator GUI.
  • Select File from the Simulator GUI menu, recent targets will be listed in the drop-down menu.

To view output

If the output window is not visible, select View > Log Window from the Simulator GUI menu.

Simulator will save current settings. If the output window is open when Simulator is closed, the next time Simulator is launched, the position of the output window is restored. If the output window is not open when the Simulator GUI is closed, the output window will not be restored the next time the Simulator GUI is launched.

Setting preferences

  1. To open the preferences window, select File > Preferences in the Simulator GUI.

  2. Set your preferences, click Apply, and close the preferences window.

Sizing the Simulator GUI

The Simulator GUI window and any of the Simulator dialogs can be resized by using the mouse to move the borders of the GUI. You can also modify the GUI size by selecting View > Original Size, or View > Compact Window.


To change HeapSize for a simulation target, open the settings.ini file for the target, which is located in the directory. Change the IDS_DD_HW_RAM_SIZE value in settings.ini to set HeapSize.