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Outgoing SMS messages

To simulate outgoing SMS messages, applications must either use the ISMS_SendMsg() or ITAPI_SendSMS() function. For more information refer to the C/C++ API Reference.

When outgoing SMS messages are sent from an application in the Simulator, the SMS information is stored in a *.sim file. The name of the .sim file contains the year, month, date, and time to help users differentiate multiple messages. By default, the Simulator writes these files in the user's temporary folder on the system. Users can specify a different SMS message logging directory by specifying a value for SMSLogDirName in the General section of BREWSim.dat file.

For example, the following setting specifies the SMS message logging directory as C:\foo\SMSLogs\.

SMSLogDirName = "C:\foo\SMSLogs\"

The Simulator must be restarted after configuring SMSLogDirName for the changes to take effect.

SMS information stored in the .sim file can be used to simulate incoming SMS messages.