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Simulating TAPI

TAPI is used in the Simulator to simulate how your application handles calls incoming to Brew MP, and outgoing calls from a Brew MP application.

To simulate an incoming call

  1. Within the Simulator GUI, select Tools > TAPI.

    The TAPI dialog appears.

  2. In the Calling From: text box, enter the phone number for the originating call.
  3. Click Call Device.

    The current application is suspended, and an alert message appears in the Simulator. The TAPI emulation dialog lists the following information for each incoming call emulated:

    • Call Descriptor (CD) - a sequential number assigned by the TAPI emulator.
    • Calling Line ID - the incoming call's phone number.
    • Call Duration - the call duration in number of hours, minutes, and seconds.
    • Call Status - the current call status.
    • Call Type - identifies the incoming call type.

  4. To end the call, select the Call Descriptor of your call, then click Hang-Up.

To simulate an outgoing call

You can simulate an outgoing call initiated by the active BREW application by calling the ITAPI_MakeVoiceCall function from your application, as shown in the following example.


  • pITapi is an instance of the ITapi interface.
  • DEMO_PHONE_NUMBER is the phone number being called.
  • AEECLSID is the ClassID of the application to be run when the phone call is completed.

When the outgoing call is initiated, a privacy alert message appears asking if you want to initiate the call. When you click Yes, the call is initiated and the application is suspended.