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Simulating touch

The Simulator GUI supports simulation of touch and multi-touch.


To simulate touch, use the mouse to click on the simulated device screen. A fingerprint will appear on the screen upon clicking, as shown in the following image.


To simulate multi-touch in the Simulator GUI, press the Ctrl key. The Simulator GUI backdrop will change to notify you that Ctrl is active, as shown in the following image.

  1. Once Ctrl is active, you can simulate multi-touch on the Simulator by right-clicking on the device screen.

    • A single right-click places a finger down on the screen
    • Right-click and hold allows you to move the finger around
    • Multiple right-clicks, in different locations, place additional fingers down
    • Right clicking on one of the finger prints lifts the fingerprint off the screen
    • Right-click and hold with multiple fingers down to move the fingerprints reflectively around a central point
    • Hold down the shift key while dragging multiple finger causes to all points to move in unison (not reflective)

  2. Right-clicking in two places simulates using two fingers on the screen. To simulate pinching movement, right click and hold on the symbol displayed on the device screen (shown below) between the fingerprints on the device screen and move it.