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Collecting Split Heap Statistics

The device build must support split heap in order for split heap statistics to be shown. In that case, the data for the big heap and the small heap will be displayed simultaneously side by side. If the device build does not support the split heap configuration, then the normal heap statistics will be listed. The simulator does not implement the split heap feature.

  1. Load the device build that supports split heap.
  2. From Target Manager, turn on Gateway and enable the device for DES.
  3. Remove all previously installed Heap Utility Modules (i.e., HeapDbgAgent, Heap1wrapper, heapstatisticsagent, oemnotifylistener). See Installing and Uninstalling Heap Utility Modules in the Target Manager Help.
  4. From Target Manager, launch Heap Analyzer.
  5. Click Walk Heap to install all the modules.
  6. Power cycle the device.
  7. Launch Target Manager again.
  8. Launch Heap Analyzer.
  9. Click Heap Stats.
  10. Click Start. The statistics for the big heap and the small heap will be displayed as follows. By default, it will get the statistics every 10 seconds.