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Comparing Heap Dumps

Two heap dump files can be compared using the Heap Analyzer tool.

  1. Select two files by using shift + left mouse-click. When two files are selected from the available HeapDumps list, a Compare Dumps button displays as shown in the following image.

  2. Select the Compare Dumps button. A new tab appears in the Diagnostic panel with the diff results, as shown in the following image. The entries are color coded based on whether they are positive (yellow) or negative (green).

  3. Results can be sorted by clicking column headers. For example, clicking on the Property column header sorts the Properties alphabetically.
  4. In the far right of the Diff Results tab, you can sort results via the drop-down menu, sorting by Owner, Tag, or ContextId.

  5. In the left side of the Diff Results tab, you can further filter results by selecting from +ve Diffs (positive), -ve Diffs (negative), or Zero Diffs. The Reset Filter button is activated when any of these options have been selected, and selecting the Reset Filter button returns the display to the original diff results.