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Filtering Heap Dumps

To filter, type the filter value into the Filter field, and click Apply. The filters support the usual wildcards supported in a Regular Expression.
Symbol Meaning Example Matches
. Any single character except the newline character (\n) i.ation isation, ization
* Preceding character may be repeated 0 or more times ra*t rt, rat, raat, raaat, etc.
+ Preceding character may be repeated 1 or more times ra+t rat, raat, raaat, etc. (excluding rt)
? Preceding character may be repeated 0 or 1 times ra?t rt and rat only
\s Any whitespace character \sa [space]a, \ta, \na, (\t and \n have the same meanings as they do in C#
\S Any character that isn't a whitespace \SF aF, rF, cF, but not \tf
\b Word boundary ion\b Any word ending in ion
\B Any position that isn't a word boundary \BX\B Any X in the middle of a word

The Filter View Summary panel (below the General Statistics panel) displays the summary of the filter results, as shown below.

If the Filter field is left empty when the Apply button is clicked, the filter is reset and the original data is populated.