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Obtaining Periodic Statistics

This three-step process is the same for all of these sets of statistics:

  • Heap Statistics
  • Page Heap Statistics
  • Running Module Statistics

  1. Set the desired frequency in the Frequency editable combo box. The unit of frequency is in seconds. Although this combo box can be defined by the user, it provides preset values such as 10, 20, 40, 60 seconds. If nothing is entered, the default value of 10 seconds is used. Incorrect frequency values, such as non-integers, default to a frequency of 10 seconds. If a negative integer is entered, it is replaced by its equivalent positive integer. The current maximum frequency is 100000.
  2. Click Start. The Log window displays the message "Starting Heap Statistics ..." No statistics are displayed until the specified frequency is met.
  3. Click Stop to end periodic statistics.

Note: You can execute all statistics simultaneously, and the results are updated independently in the data grid. You can start the periodic statistics and use other parts of the UI, such as walk heap, etc.