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Classes View

The Classes view displays platform details.

To retrieve the platform details, click the Microscope icon.

If the target was previously interrogated, previous data will display. If the target is interrogated for the first time, Interrogator checks the platform version, and finds the BMPIds.xml if the same platform is installed on the computer. BMPIds.xml is an XML file that lists all the ClassIDs supported by a platform and is present in the documentation folder of a platform. Each platform kit has this list of Brew MP ClassIDs included with the kit. If BMPIds.xml could not be found, Interrogator uses AllBMPIDs.xml from the toolset for the list of ClassIDs to query for. AllBMPIDs.xml is an XML file that lists all the possible Brew MP ClassIDs and additional information such as active, deprecated, and platform in which a ClassID was introduced, and family, sub-family, etc for each ClassID. AIIBMPIds.xml is installed with the Brew MP Toolset, in the folder. ClassIDs found on the target which are not in the file have unknown in the ClassID name, family, and sub-family fields.

Advanced Interrogation is available to determine whether the classes need Shell environment to be instantiated. If the interrogation results indicate Success for a Service class, then it can be instantiated without the Shell environment. If Basic Interrogation displays No and Advanced Interrogation shows Unknown, then there are no support for those classes on that device or target.

To perform Advanced Interrogation:

  1. Select the Action drop down menu
  2. Pick Advanced Interrogation
  3. Click the Microscope icon

Note that although the device may crash and the Interrogation tool displays Class interrogation did not complete successfully, target disconnected, interrogation still continues. You can still interrogate after device reboot and connect to PC or Turn on Gateway again, depending on the device.

During class and advanced interrogation, you will be able to cancel out of that operation as shown in the dialog below:

Comparing platforms

Interrogator can be used to compare two platforms. A platform can be ClassID view of a target, the results of a platform scan, or the BMPIds.xml file included with a platform kit.

To compare platforms:

  1. Create two platform scan files by doing the following:
    • Scanning a target and save the ClassID view to a file.
    • Scanning a platform and save the results to a file.
    • Using a platform's BMPIds.xml file.
  2. Click the Compare Platforms (Scale) icon, or select Action > Compare from the menu.

    A Compare dialog is displayed.

  3. From the drop-down menu, select the platform or target to compare to from one of the following:
    • Platform
    • Target
    • API Level

    Then click Add.

Columns added during Compare can be removed by clicking on the button in the column's heading as shown below.

Filtering information

The Filter field can be used to filter any value in these columns. For example, "addr" is used to filter the classes so that only those with Class Name containing "addr" are displayed.