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Getting Started

You need to install:

  • The Brew MP SDK. See the Downloads page on the for a list of available SDK versions. Selecting an SDK version shows a page of instructions for installing the SDK.
  • Testing with the Simulator requires a device profile, which may be found in the device release pack on the Devices page of the

Prior to interrogating a target, you need to have the same platform version installed on your machine as the target being interrogated. For example, if you are interrogating a Brew MP device, you need to have the Platform installed on your computer.

Creating the simulation target

To test with the Simulator, you must have a device profile that represents the device under test. After creating or acquiring the device profile, use the Target Manager to create a simulation target. See the Tools Reference for information on using the Target Manager.

Connecting to a device

  1. Put the device in Developer Mode. This can be done using Target Manager, see the Target Manager Help in the Tools Reference for more information.
  2. Connect the device to the computer.
  3. If you get the new hardware wizard, you may need to install the device's USB drivers. These may be available in the device's release pack on the Device tab of the Otherwise, check the device manufacturer's website.
  4. If you get the Gateway Enablement dialog, you will need to follow the instructions to use the Device Enablement Service (DES) to allow access to the device.

See the Connect Technology Guide for information about connecting to the device, DES, and enabling developer mode.

Install the interrogation agent to the target

To run Interrogator, the interrogation agent needs to be installed to the target. This is done using the Target Manager.

  1. Start Target Manager.
  2. Launch the simulated target or connect your device to your machine.
  3. Select a running target.
  4. In the Target Manager UI, under the Edit drop down menu , and select Properties.

    The Properties dialog opens.

    Select the Utilitiestab.

    Choose both createinstancetester: Remotable Class Interrogation and interrogationagent: Enable interrogation from the list of Available Utilities.

    If you have older versions of the above utilities already installed on your target you will need to remove them, and reboot your device before attempting to install new versions of the utilities.

    Click on Install Checked

  5. In the same dialog as shown above, it will say Installed createinstancetester successfully and Installed interrogationagent successfully. Also, createinstancetester: Remotable Class Interrogation and interrogationagent: Enable interrogation will show up in the Installed Utilities pane. Click OK