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The Target Manager GUI

The Target Manager GUI can be launched by doing one of the following:

  • From with the Simulator GUI, select Tools > Target Manager.
  • From the SDK Manager, select the Tools tab, then select Target Manager.
  • From the %BREWMP_TOOLSET%\bin folder.

The Target Manager GUI contains the following windows:

  • Simulator Targets displays available simulation targets.
  • Physical Targets lists devices that have been configured on your machine.

Comparing platforms

From the Target Manager, you can compare features between platforms installed on your machine.

  1. Select Action > Compare Platforms.

    The Compare Platforms dialog displays.

  2. The Compare Platforms dialog lists platforms installed on your machine. Select two platforms and click Compare.

    The comparison results of the selected platforms are displayed in the Comparison dialog.

  3. The comparison results can be saved to your machine as a .csv file by clicking Save as...

Installing and Uninstalling Heap Analyzer Utility Modules

Target Manager allows the user to install and uninstall utility modules (or agents) to the different file system collections on the device. The Heap Analyzer agents must be installed to SYSMods, because they need to be loaded before any of the UserMods modules are enumerated.

To install or uninstall Heap Analyzer utility modules

  1. Right-click a device or simulation target.
  2. Select Properties. The Properties dialog box opens.
  3. Click the Utilities tab. The following is an example of what displays in the Properties dialog box.

  4. From the Collections drop-down menu, select one of the following:
    1. UserMods: Lists most of the dynamic modules for users, enumerated by modcollector, and are typically located under fs:/usermods.
    2. SYSMods: Lists platform modules, enumerated when component services initialize, and are typically located under fs:/sys/mod.
    3. BDSMods: Lists applications downloaded from AppShop.
  5. Select utility module to install or uninstall.
  6. Power cycle the device or simulator.