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About utility

The purpose of the About applet is to query the simulator/device for various profile properties and display them on the screen. This information is useful if we are interested in certain characteristics of the device like the screen width/ height or if the device supports flip, vibration or ringer formats, etc. It also serves as a sample code to show how different API References are used.

Running About

Prerequisite: Install Brew MP SDK 1.0.2

  1. Install Sample Code from SDK Manager.
  2. Install Visual Studio Plugin from SDK Manager.
  3. Create a Target (go to SDK Manager >Tools >Target Manager), if you don't have one already create.d
  4. Open the about.vcproj in Visual Studios 2008 .NET.
  5. Observe that the Brew MP Simulation Target is selected by default. If there are multiple targets, select your target from the dropdown menu.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click the Click2Run icon.

The simulator screen displays the following information:

Overview:Platform Id, Mobile Id, Manufacturer, Model, Firmware Version, Carrier ID (only seen when the application runs in Gateway mode), Chip Id, BrewMP Version, CS Version, AEE Version

System: Total & Available Brew Heap Size, Total & Available EFS Size, Total & Available MMC Size (only seen when running the application in Gateway mode)

Hardware: Canvas Resolution, Color Depth, Flip Support, Vibrator Installed, Position Location Support, Pen Support

UI: Basic Font Ascent, Basic Font Descent, Language Supported, Key to close App, Encoding, Scroll Bar Width

Database: Max no. of records, Max Record size (Unlimited implies it depends on the phone memory size)

Media: MIDI File Format Supported, CMX Audio Support, Device Camera Info, Supported Ringer Formats, Supported Audio Formats, Supported Image Formats, Supported Video Formats, Supported Encoder Formats

Networking: Linger Time, Bearer Technology