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Application Management Technology Guide

Application Management Technology Guide for Manufacturers for Developers

Base version: Brew MP 1.0
Tested version: Brew MP 1.0
Phone tested: No
Document number:

HT80-VT500-4 Rev. B

HT80-VT500-5 Rev. B

Date published: December 14, 2011

This technology guide describes Brew ® Mobile Platform (Brew MP) application management support, including the following interfaces:

  • Window history (IWindowHistory)
    • Enumerate all windows in the system
    • Obtain information about specific windows
    • Receive notifications of changes to window history
  • Application history (IAppHistory)
    • Navigate through entries in the history list
    • Obtain the classID of a history entry
    • Set or retrieve data stored by the system when the application is suspended
    • Close the application history entry
    • Insert a new entry into the history
  • Application control (IAppletCtl)
    • Start and stop applications
    • Browse files or URLs; Brew MP loads the application associated with the file or URL
    • Enumerate all currently running applications
    • Query the state (foreground, suspended, background) and memory usage of running applications
This guide also discusses windowed versus nonwindowed applications, how Brew MP maintains the application stack, and the various application states.