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IBacklight interface

Describes the IBacklight interface.

The IBacklight interface allows applications to control the state of the various backlights that are available on a mobile device, and to get information about their current state.

A mobile device can have multiple components that support a backlight, such as primary display, secondary display, and keypad. Moreover, each device component supporting backlight might support multiple backlights, possibly of different colors. For example, the primary display might support red, green, blue, and yellow backlights. For controlling a backlight, applications create an IBacklight interface object by calling the ISHELL_CreateInstance() method and passing to it the backlight class ID that is associated with that backlight. IBacklight methods let applications control the on/off status and the brightness of a backlight.

IBacklight provides enable, disable, and set brightness methods. It does not enable applications to decide how long a backlight will stay enabled, and does not protect a backlight that was enabled by one application from being disabled by another application. The following methods let an applet manage and get information about the backlight feature on a mobile device:

  • The IBACKLIGHT_IsEnabled() method checks whether the backlight is currently enabled.
  • The IBACKLIGHT_Enable() and IBACKLIGHT_Disable() methods enable and disable the backlight feature, respectively.
  • The IBACKLIGHT_GetBacklightInfo() method gets information about the backlight and places it into an AEEBacklightInfo structure.
  • The IBACKLIGHT_GetBrightnessLevel() and IBACKLIGHT_SetBrightnessLevel() methods get and set the brightness of the backlight feature, respectively.