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Validation of battery

Porting Validation Suite (PVS) to verify device support for the battery feature.

Use these PVS OAT modules to validate device support for the battery feature on a mobile device. They test the IBattery interface implementation to ensure its compliance with interface definition. They also test the IModel exposed by the IBattery interface to ensure its compliance with battery model events defined with interface definition.

OAT Validation performed
Battery_BatteryCurrentInfo.1 Displays the current battery information for verification.
Battery_BatteryStatusNotification.1 Listens for IBattery notifications and model events for OATBATTERY_TESTWAIT_SECS seconds and displays them as and when they come. At the end of OATBATTERY_TESTWAIT_SECS seconds, reports the total number of events and notifications received. The tester must verify that notification and model events are received for all of the battery status changes that take place during OATBATTERY_TESTWAIT_SECS seconds period.

Other documentation

See the PVS Test Case Reference for more information on the OAT modules.