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Out of service detection

When a device goes out of service, the platform will not timeout and close the sockets that were previously opened. Applications that are dependent on the data connections need to implement a timeout mechanism to close all open sockets and reopen them once the device re-acquires the service.

To detect out-of-service on a device

To be notified when the status has changed, applications can register a listener with the IModel interface obtained from ITelephone. The application can then call ITELEPHONE_GetServingSystemInfo(). AEETSSInfo.AEETSrvStatus indicates the network status (AEET_SRV_STATUS_NO_SRV or AEET_SRV_STATUS_LIMITED).

As an alternative, applications can first retrieve all the networks by calling tapi_IServingNetworks_GetSrvNetworks(), then register for notifications by calling tapi_IServingNetworks_OnSrvInfoChange() for serving network changes. When notification is received, applications can call tapi_IServingNetworks_GetSrvNetworks() again and compare the results with the previous networks results to determine what has changed.