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Use of IFileMgr_IFile, IFileSystem2, and IFilePort1

  • Write operations using IFileMgr or IFile in shared folders are slow if too many write operations are happening. Use IFILESystem2 and IFilePort1 instead.
  • File system calls should be limited, particularly FileOpen operations as they are very expensive.
  • IFileSystem2 and IFilePort1 should be used instead of IFileMgr and IFile, which use IFileSystem2 and IFilePort1 internally.
  • When a directory name is given as an input parameter, IFileSystem2_Open() can be used to enumerate the directory instead of using IFileMgr_EnumInit() or IFileMgr_EnumNext().
  • For file enumerations, IFILEMGR_EnumNext() can support up to only 64 character absolute filenames. To go beyond 64 characters, IFILEMGR_EnumNextEx() needs to be used instead.