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Use of IShell

  • Objects should not be created by calling IShell_CreateInstance() on the fly if they are used at multiple places and times. Instead they should be created once in the initialization function of the applet and maintained in the applet structure (accessed using pMe).
  • When passing events between applets, IShell_PostEvent() should be used unless there is a specific requirement to use IShell_SendEvent() to pass events synchronously.
  • Prioritized scheduling is not implemented In Brew MP 1.0.0. If background applications running on Brew MP 1.0.0 are performing CPU intensive synchronous operations, they may cause handsets to be unresponsive because the CPU will be too busy to handle any foreground UI events. To remedy this, those CPU intensive synchronous operations should be broken into smaller asynchronous operations either by using IShell_Resume() or IShell_SetTimer().