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User interface design considerations

Predict the user's actions and initiate the activity early

Note that each of the following pose a tradeoff.

  • Data link can be brought up when user selects the bookmarks menu rather than the actual bookmark.
  • Data link can be brought up when the user chooses to enter a web link rather than at completion of entering the web link.
  • When a new font is first accessed, the entire alphabet and symbol set can be rendered as a background task to a software cache.

Background initializations

  • When the idle screen has been reached after boot, preload application data that is likely to be needed, such as contacts DB, thumbnails, song and artists lists, sw data caches, etc.
  • Priority order can be based on design, or user's historic behavior.
  • This idea can be extended to network data, such as automatic login for the user, etc.

Graphical elements

  • Graphical transitions can mask user perceived delays, while an activity executes.
  • Staying under the human perception threshold is key for any atomic activity.