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CAL API Families

This section provides a brief description of the CAL API families. For more information on CAL APIs, see the Connect Abstraction Layer API Reference.

Target Management

Target Management APIs are designed to allow clients to enumerate, connect to, and receive notifications for targets that are defined within Target Manager, using only the friendly name of the target. The goal is to allow users to only have to remember a name they assigned to a target, instead of remembering COM ports, connection methods, IMEI, etc. Using the CAL Target Management APIs, clients can get handles to underlying connection technologies (if so desired) or just use the high level

Event Injection

Event injection APIs allow clients to send events and key presses.

Screen Capture

Screen Capture APIs provide the functionality to capture target screen updates.


Logging APIs provide functionality for capturing target log data.

Module Installation

Module installation APIs provide functionality to install and uninstall modules on a Brew MP target, as well as listing modules and collections on the target. Note that this device interaction only works with a device that is in Gateway mode.

File I/O

File input and output APIs provide functionality to copy files and directories to and from the target to PC, or within the target filesystem, as well as creating and deleting directories, and obtaining file and directory information from the target.


Shell APIs provide the functionality to start, stop, resume, and suspend an applet on target based on ClassID, as well as getting applet info and restarting the target.