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Device plugin and driver setup

Brew MP SDK driver

For physical devices, Connect uses a driver that ships with the Brew MP SDK to communicate with the device. This driver is the same regardless of the device manufacturer. The driver is currently unsigned, and therefore users will need to agree to load the unsigned driver.

Once you have installed the Brew MP SDK, the Brew MP device drivers are in the following directory: <%BREWMP_Toolset%\drivers\gateway\....>.

Manufacturer driver

In addition to the Brew MP device driver, a driver obtained from the device manufacturer will also need to be installed for the device. If you do not have the manufacturer drivers, you can still use Connect and most Brew MP tools, however some other tools may not work properly.

Setting up device drivers

The best way to see if Connect is enabled and the driver is working properly is by using Windows Device Manager. A device with Connect enabled is shown in the figure below as a Brew Mobile Platform device.

If there is a yellow exclamation mark next to Brew Mobile Platform Device, the USB driver isn't properly installed. Uninstall the driver using device manager, unplug and plugin the USB cable or reset the device, then update the USB device driver again from device manager.

If the device isn't detected, the device may not have the correct Developer Mode Port Settings enabled. For more information, see Developer Mode enable.