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Flip is used to set the state of the Flip in devices that send flip events.

The units for the X, Y and Z axis can either be in degrees or linear units. The internal BREW structure represents degrees in 2 degree increments, so degree values here will be divided by 2 when passed to BREW.


Flip(isOpen:Boolean, x:int, y:int, z:int, id:int, isUnitsDegrees:Boolean)

"id" is the id number of this flip. The first and often only flip is 0. Any additional flips must be numbered sequentially higher. Internally this calls "SendBrewStringEvent" with EVT_FLIP and a string of the name value pairs of the parameters.


var flipString:String = "FlipOpen=" + isOpen.toString() 
      + ",x=" + x + ",y=" + y + ",z=" + z + ",id=" + id + ",UnitsDegrees=" 
      +  isUnitsDegrees.toString();
  	             "SendBrewStringEvent", EVT_FLIP, FlipString);