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DBC High Level Architecture

Brew MP high level architecture

Major Brew MP platform features are grouped by family across the Brew MP SDK, platform, and documentation to facilitate modular development and leverage appropriate services. The databases family, including dbc, falls in the general services layer of the Brew MP high level architecture.

The following shows how the databases family fits into the overall Brew MP architecture:

dbc system placement

dbc, the Brew MP interface for SQLite, is the foundation for all the Brew MP databases. It provides the capabilities to create, insert, delete, and search actual data. dbc is used by platform modules within Brew MP to store persistent data and allows the data to be shared across applications. Applications may also access dbc directly to store or share data. The diagram below shows some different types of databases. An example is the Contacts database, which stores names and phone numbers so that the contacts application on a phone can access them.