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dbc_IResultSet represents the results of an executed SQL query. It has functions for iterating through results using a cursor and functions to retrieve values from the current result.

A dbc_IResultSet object represents a table of results from a SELECT query. The dbc_IResultSet interface provides methods to retrieve data from a results table and convert it to a desired type. This interface provides result set meta data as well, such as the type of data in a column, the number of columns in the result set, etc.

A dbc_IResultSet can also represent a single row of the results table and provides the ability to

  • Retrieve column data and perform type casting.
  • Retrieve information about the columns in the result table, such as data types, sizes and names.
  • Go to the next result in the table.
See the C/C++ API Reference for more information.

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In Brew MP SDK: platform\databases\inc