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The dbc_IStatement interface allows applications to execute a statement object created via a database connection once or multiple times. A dbc_IStatement object represents a single SQL query that's ready for execution. dbc_IStatement objects are executed via this interface and either modify the database file or produce a dbc_IResultSet object that represents the results of its query.

A dbc_IStatement object allows the application to

  • Execute a string-based SQL query such as a "SELECT" that returns a dbc_IResultSet.
  • Execute a string-based SQL query such as an "UPDATE", "INSERT" or "DELETE" that updates a table and returns the number of rows that were changed.
  • Execute an arbitrary SQL query and return whether the results consist of table rows or not.
  • Retrieve information about the last SQL query executed, including number of rows that were changed, error messages, etc.

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In Brew MP SDK: platform\databases\inc

See the C/C++ API Reference for more information.