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Running the application

Using the sample code provided, for every CreateInstance, the beginning node is always tagged as "CI|Start" and the ending node is always tagged with "CI|xxxxx", where xxxxxx includes the following information:

  • Symbolic name of the class that is being instantiated
  • 32bit ID in hex for the class
  • The file name and line number where the class is instantiated
  • Raw interface pointer value

To run your application:

  1. Rebuild your application with the CreateIntance() override.
  2. Install the rebuilt application to the target.
  3. Run the steps that produce memory leaks.

    Note: Do not exit the application yet.

Walking the heap

  1. Launch HeapAnalyzer.
  2. Select the target on which you are testing.
  3. Click the Walk Heap button to save the heap dump.

    Make note of the CSV file to which the heap dump is saved.

Exiting the application

  1. Exit the application.

    Brew MP should report a set of memory leaks.

  2. Save the memory leak messages to a text file.