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IDisplayDev1 is used by OEMBitmap to update to the display. in Brew MP, IDisplayDev1 replaces IDIBDisplayDev and IDisplayDev.

OEMDisplayDev1.c defines NUM_BUFFERS, the number of device bitmap buffers, to be 2.

Source file location

Support for multiple color depths

The IDisplayDev1 interface provides IDisplayDev1_GetColorModes() and IDisplayDev1_GetDefaultColorMode(). IDisplayDev1_UpdateAsync() also supports color modes.

To support multiple color depths, OEMDisplayDev1.c would need to be modified to determine the maximum mode and allocate a memory region that is large enough for the highest color mode.

Support for multiple displays

For each display, there is a service that implements IDisplayDev1.

OEMDisplayDev1.c provides support for up to four displays. OEMDIsplayDev1.cif defines the following for each of the four displays.

  • Class - defines a ClassID for each display service
  • Service - defines a ServiceID for each display service
  • SysRsc - associates each service with a display ClassID