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The IBitmap interface provides a way to manipulate bitmaps, including getting and setting pixels, drawing pixels, and blitting.

Each IBitmap instance represents a bitmap. Brew MP has multiple implementations of IBitmap, including device-independent bitmaps (DIBs) and bitmaps that represent the handset's display.

Smart DIB is a set of classes that implement all of the IBitmap methods. Simple DIBs do not implement the drawing methods (DrawPixel, SetPixels, DrawHScanline, FillRect, BltIn, and BltOut) so they are not used as a destination for drawing, but can be used as a source for blits. Simple DIBs can represent any DIB, while Smart DIBs can represent the following DIB classes:

  • AEECLSID_SmartDIB_1_0
  • AEECLSID_SmartDIB_2_0
  • AEECLSID_SmartDIB_8_332
  • AEECLSID_SmartDIB_16_444
  • AEECLSID_SmartDIB_16_565
  • AEECLSID_SmartDIB_32_666
  • AEECLSID_SmartDIB_32_888

The image decoders use Simple DIBs, where the decoded data may be one of many different formats, and need to be blitted to a Smart DIB (typically the device bitmap).

Required Files
Class ID(s)
Interface ID
platform\ui\inc in the Brew MP SDK

For detailed information on IBitmap, see the C/C++ API Reference.