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File System Technology Guide

File System Technology Guide for Manufacturersfor Developers

Base version:

Brew MP 1.0

Document number:

HT80-VT500-45 Rev. B

HT80-VT500-46 Rev. B

Date published:

July 8, 2011

This technology guide describes the Brew® Mobile Platform (Brew MP) file system, including the following file system interfaces:

  • IFileSystem2: Provides file system functions.
  • IFilePort1: Provides functions to allow access to files and directories.

The following interfaces published in prior BREW versions are deprecated as of Brew MP 1.0.2, but they continue to be supported in Brew MP:

  • IFileMgr: Manipulates files and directories.
  • IFile: Reads and modifies file contents.

Note: It is recommended that the IFileSystem2 and IFilePort1 interfaces be used for new development.

The file system is a fundamental service provided by an operating system. The internal non-removable storage acts as the primary storage medium for the Brew MP file system. The Brew MP file system can be complemented by external storage, such as multimedia memory cards (MMC).

Brew MP requires an internal, nonremovable file system to function. Brew MP uses the device file system as the storage for dynamically-loaded Brew MP applications and modules, preferences, and application content. The Brew MP file system provides the following services used by Brew MP-based applications and OS Services:

  • Creating new files and directories
  • Removing existing files and directories
  • Truncating existing files
  • Performing seek and tell operations on opened files
  • Checking for existence of files or directories in the file system
  • Enumeration of existing files and directories
  • Retrieving file and directory metadata information, such as attributes and creation date
  • Accessing an external memory card (such as SD card)
  • Managing available free and used space for the internal and external storage medium
  • Managing operation restrictions using the file lock functionality
  • Managing security, such as privilege and access restrictions


chetan_dhillon 19 Apr 2011 10:28pm

Directory name in "Any access to the fs:/download directory will be denied" must be fs:/sys/download. There is no fs:/download directory on device.