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Device Integration

This section contains file system device integration information. The source code, library, and module files are located in the Advanced Mobile Subscriber Software (AMSS) as follows:
Source code







Brew MP requires an internal, nonremovable file system for it to function. The internal and external file system should provide these services to Brew MP:

  • Creating new files and directories
  • Removing existing files and directories
  • Truncating existing files
  • Performing seek and tell operations on opened files
  • Enumeration of existing files and directories
  • Returning information, such as file attributes and available free space
  • Access to the external memory card (such as SD card)

File system support is handled by OS Services. The IFileMgr and IFile interfaces are layered on top of the IFileSystem2 and IFilePort1 interfaces. OEM layer file system implementation is provided by the OS Services OEM files.