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File system restrictions

Brew MP applications make extensive use of the file system to store items such as applications, resource files, databases, preferences, settings, and cache files. The following are basic parameters to control usage of the file system:

  • Number of files
  • Number of open files
  • Maximum file name and file path length
  • Special character support in filenames

Depending on the file system size, the values and functions controlling the listed parameters must be adjusted. The following functions are used to determine the maximum path length and mapping of native directory names, native errors, and file open flags to Brew MP errors and file open flags:

  • OEMefs_GetMaxPathLength()
  • OEMefs_GetNativePath()
  • OEMefs_MapErrno()
  • OEMefs_MapOFlags()

These functions are implemented in OEMefs.c located in \platform\cs\oem\oemfs\msm.