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Multimedia Content File (MCF)

Brew MP uses MCF to share, and control access to, multimedia content. MCF defines Group IDs for different types of media, such as picture or sound files. Each Group ID has two module directories, one locked and one unlocked. The contents of unlocked directories are shared with all Brew MP applications. MCF uses ACLs to control access to locked directories, which means applications must have the required privileges to access the content.

MCF defines Group IDs for the following media types:

  • Picture - still images or simple animation
  • Music - music files such as MP3 or WAV
  • Movie - movie files such as AVI or MPEG-4
  • Sound - tone or sound files
  • Theme - handset theme files
  • Text - text-based media files
  • License - license files
  • Link - soft-links bookmarks or URL-related files

For more information on MCF, see Multimedia_Content_File in the under Media->Content Management->Interfaces.

MCF header file and directories

The MCF header file is in \platform\system\inc\AEEMCF.h. You can use the macros provided in AEEMCF.h to access MCF directories.

The remainder of this section provides information on the directories supported by MCF.