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Brew MP provides the following interfaces for the file system:

Note: Use of file system function calls should be limited, particularly FileOpen operations, as they are very process intensive.

  • IFileSystem2 - provides file system functions, including functions to open files and directories, rename files, and create or remove directories.
  • IFilePort1 - provides functions to allow access to files and directories, including functions to seek, read, or write a file, and to get information about files.

    Note: It is recommended that IFileSystem2 and IFilePort1 be used for new development in place of IFileMgr and IFile, which are deprecated as of Brew MP 1.0.2.

  • IFSReserve - provides functions to manage reserved areas in the file system.
  • IFSPathResolve - IFSPathResolve allows a relative path to be mapped an absolute path.
  • IUTime - provides functions to set and get modification time and access time for a file.
  • IFileMgr: provides functions to create, remove, and rename files and directories.
  • IFile: provides functions to read and modify the contents of files created with the IFileMgr Interface.