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Flash Technology Guide

Flash Technology Guide for Manufacturers for Developers

Base version:

Brew MP 1.0

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Date published:

February 9, 2012

Note: The Brew MP Flash interfaces and the AMC Flash Player are deprecated.

The Flash Technology Guide provides information on using the Flash authoring language with Brew ® Mobile Platform (Brew MP™). Particular attention is given to features of this language, APIs, and device configuration information that help OEMs and developers use their unique capabilities with Brew MP. An overview of developing a Flash application, the architecture of how a Flash application runs in Brew MP, and how using Adobe ActionScript allows you to use Flash content in Brew MP applications is also provided. Use cases and tests are shown as examples of how to use the API functionality and how to test it.

The Brew MP Flash interfaces provide extended control of the Flash player and its content and allow player-client interaction to provide advanced features, such as custom text input behavior and full-screen support. In addition, when the client is implemented as a web browser plugin, these interfaces enable close interaction between the HTML/JavaScript content in a web browser and the Flash content in the player.

Brew MP has partnered with Adobe, integrating Adobe Flash and the Adobe Mobile Client (AMC) Flash Player into Brew MP. The Brew MP IFlashPlayer interface allows Brew MP applications to use the AMC Flash Player. The following are potential workflows for application development with Flash and Brew MP:

  • Developing Flash-based applications to run with the Brew MP environment
  • Creating a Brew MP ActionScript extension to package with a Flash application
  • Creating a C-based Brew MP application with embedded Flash content

Developing Flash applications to run in the Brew MP environment

The following are the basic steps for creating a Flash application to run in the Brew MP environment:

Note: In addition to the technology guides, see other Language documentation in on the Brew MP website.

  1. Author the application in the Flash environment, creating a Flash (FLA) file.
  2. Publish the application, producing a Shockwave Flash (SWF) file that is exported to the Brew MP Simulator.
  3. Run the SWF file on the Brew MP Simulator to test its functionality.
  4. Edit the application FLA file as necessary.
  5. Export the application files for a Brew MP device.

For more information, see Using Flash in Brew MP.

Creating a Brew MP ActionScript Extension to package with a Flash Application

Brew MP ActionScript extensions are installable modules of C/C++ code that extend the ActionScript language to provide additional capabilities and services. Each extension represents a single ActionScript object that has properties and methods like any other ActionScript object.

A Brew MP ActionScript extension is a Brew MP class, written in C, that implements the IASExtension interface and provides the implementation for a single ActionScript class object. ActionScript extensions extend the ActionScript language by providing new objects for the ActionScript author to instantiate and use.

For information on creating a Brew MP ActionScript extension, see Creating and using ActionScript extensions.

Creating a Brew MP C application with embedded Flash content

To create a C-based Brew MP application, see the C Eclipse Application/Extension Development and C Visual Studio Application/Extension Development sections in the Brew MP Application Developer Primer in on the Brew MP website.

To embed Flash content in Brew MP by calling an ActionScript extension, see the Creating and using ActionScript extensions.