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Fonts Features Technology Guide

Base version:

Brew ® MP 1.0.4

Brew MP supports fonts for Brew MP applications by providing a bitmap font engine and TrueType font engines to allows applications to create either bitmap or TrueType fonts. This guide describes the Brew MP font engines and how to use them in applications. It shows example code for the following scenarios:

  • Using TrueType fonts
  • Using TrueType fonts with fonts_IFactory
  • Using bitmap fonts with Brew MP
  • Creating a custom TrueType font extension
  • Creating a custom LinkedTrueType font extension
  • Creating a custom bitmap font extension
  • Creating and using a font with a text widget
  • Creating and using a font with a static widget
  • Providing additional fonts in an application

Sample code

There are several sample applications on the Brew MP website with this guide:

  • c_bfeprimer_app - shows how to display text using bitmap fonts, TrueType fonts, and TrueType fonts with a static widget and a text widget.
  • c_samplebitmapfont_app - shows how to use a bitmap font extension in an application.
  • c_samplebitmapfont_extension - provides an example of a bitmap font extension.
  • c_sampletruetypefont_extension - provides an example of a TrueType font extension.