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Handling flip events

Describes techniques for handling flip events.

Guidelines for OEMs:

When a clamshell type device is open or closed, OEMs should:

  • Not suspend or resume Brew MP; that is, do not call AEE_Suspend() or AEE_Resume().
  • Not terminate Brew MP applications; that is, do not call ISHELL_CloseApplet().
  • Send an EVT_FLIP event to Brew MP by defining the following macro:
    #define AEE_SEND_FLIP_EVT_EX(p,b) {\
    b = AEE_Event (EVT_FLIP, (p)->wParam, (p)->dwParam); \
    Where p is a pointer to a variable of the type AEEDeviceNotify and b is a Boolean variable indicating whether this event has been handled by the top-visible Brew MP application. If the value b, after calling the above macro is FALSE, you must call ISHELL_CloseApplet(AEE_GetShell(), TRUE.
  • Not return FALSE to OEM_Notify() for the OEMNTF_APP_START notification type, when the flip is in the closed state. Brew MP applications must be allowed to start when the flip is closed, regardless of whether the application was started due to an alarm, an incoming SMS, or any other external events.
  • Support all Brew MP interfaces while the flip is closed; for example, sending or receiving SMS, playing tones, originating data calls, drawing to the secondary LCD, and so forth.
  • Update the LCD when the flip is opened. OEMs can ignore the display update function while the flip is closed.
  • Dispatch Brew MP-directed SMS messages to the corresponding Brew MP application when the flip is in the closed state.