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Extended keypad support

There are two interfaces that handle keypad input from QWERTY keypads:

  • IKeysMappingallows an application to query the meaning of a key combination on an extended keypad. Applications that use IKeysMapping must include the AEEKeysMapping.h file. See the topic IKeysMapping: interpreting key codes.
  • IKeysConfig: The IKeysConfig interface provides services to get and set the state of sticky keys on a mobile device. Applications that use IKeysConfig must include the AEEKeysConfig.h file. See the topic IKeysConfig: querying and setting sticky keys.

    The IKeysConfig interface can be used to set and get the state of sticky keys such as Capslock and Numlock.

Note: OEMs can designate any modifier key, such as Shift, as a sticky key.