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Multiple keypress support

Multiple keypress support is used for advanced gaming and entertainment applications. When two or more keys are simultaneously pressed, no extra steps need to be taken. However, it is crucial that all the key events be reported to Brew MP in the correct order.

An important requirement is that the keypad detect multiple simultaneous keypresses and releases.

Another requirement is to provide support for the device driver and hardware, and the OEM layer that relays the events to Brew MP applications correctly.

When two or more keys are pressed simultaneously, the same sequence of events holds true. The following diagram shows a case where three keys are pressed at one time:

To send multiple simultaneous key presses:

Send all the events as key activities, as shown. These activities are detected by the device driver. Brew MP applications actually determine which keys are simultaneously pressed, based on the past EVT_KEY_PRESS and EVT_KEY_RELEASE events.