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Gallery Technology Guide

Gallery Technology Guide for Developers for Manufacturers

Base version:

Brew® MP 1.0.2

The Gallery Technology Guide details information needed for developers to work with Gallery, which is one of the Brew MP database components. Each of the database components listed below has a technology guide devoted to it, which describes the interfaces included in Brew MP:

  • Personal Information Management (PIM)includes these database access features/capabilities:
    • Contacts
    • Call History
    • Calendar
    • Message Store
    • Personal Data Interchange (PDI)
  • Gallery
  • Timezone
  • Database Connection (dbc) with a port of SQLite.

    A database connection allows client software to talk to database server software. It is an API that defines how a client may access a database and provides methods for querying and updating data in a database. dbc is oriented towards relational databases, whether on the same machine or not.

For device manufacturers, this document also describes device integration for Gallery.