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Advanced Mobile Subscriber Software. Software provided to licensees that develop, manufacture and sell certain Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) subscriber equipment.
BREW Class ID file. Generated by the Brew MP ClassID Generator, it contains the ClassID.
A mobile application development platform, with versions 1.0 through BREW SDK 4.0.x, BREW is an open, extensible client platform developed by Qualcomm to support system and application software, including personalized and branded user interfaces. May be used with most wireless devices and networks. BREW is a component of the BREW System. BREW is the predecessor to Brew MP.
Brew MP
Brew Mobile Platform. A flexible operating system platform for mobile devices. Brew MP is open and extensible and works with any software ecosystem throughout the global operator and manufacturer communities. Brew MP is the successor to BREW.
Brew MP application
A self-contained software package that exposes an applet class (implements the IApplet interface) that can be loaded and executed in Brew MP Shell (or Thread), and defined in interface header files (or an IDL file if using qidl.exe).
Character encoding
Contains a character set, and the mapping between each character within the character set and its numerical assignment.
Character set
Refers to a group of characters used by an encoding system.
Component information file. A human-readable, Lua-based source file for that is used to generate a binary MIF file, using the CIFC compiler (cifc.exe). Defines resources that a module requires to execute in the Brew MP application execution environment. The CIF format replaces the XML-based MFX file format.
Used to compile a CIF into a MIF, and a CAR into a BAR.
A user-defined type that encapsulates data and behavior (i.e., functions) to implement one or more interfaces that the class exposes.
A 32-bit, globally unique, numeric ID, typically in the form of AEECLSID_XXX, that is defined in a BID file generated by the BREW ClassID Generator. A ClassID, which is a unique ID assigned to each class when it is defined, specifies an entry subroutine that is used to create an instance of that class. A ClassID can also be used as a privilege to use the class.
Embedded file system; file system that resides on a Brew MP device
A self-contained software package that exposes one or more non-applet classes with interfaces that can be accessed by any number of Brew MP applications for extended functionality.
Similar to a C++ abstract base class that has only pure virtual methods that provide a specification contract that a implementing class must meet.
Interface ID
A unique ID assigned to each interface when it is defined in an interface header file (or an IDL file if using qidl.exe). Typically in the form of AEEIID_XXX.
ISO 3166
An international standard that defines codes for the names of countries, dependent territories, and special areas of geographical interest.
ISO 639-1
An international standard that consists of 136 two-letter codes used to identify the world's major languages.
Language code
Language codes are uint32 values representing a set of four characters. The first two characters specify the ISO 639-1 language code. The second set of two characters specifies the ISO-3166 A2 country code, when applicable.
Module information file. A binary file containing module-specific information (such as classes and privileges), and resources (such as applet names and an icon image), that a module requires at runtime. Created by compiling a module's CIF files with the CIFC compiler. Every Brew MP module requires one MIF file.
BREW module binary file. MOPD files follow simple conventions, but may contain only code for applets and classes used by the applets. MOD files require a BREW applet context to run. See MOD1.
A Brew MP module binary file. A MOD1 may contain code that is executable in all environments, including code for applets, classes used by those applets, services, and classes used by those services. See MOD.
Mobile Station Modem. A family of ASICs from Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT).
Privilege ID
A unique ID defined in a BID file as a privilege to access resources. Typically in the form of AEEPRIVID_PLXXX.
Porting Validation Suite. Provides platform test frameworks for Brew MP applications.
Represents a visible element on the display, such as a check box or scrollbar.