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Language codes

Brew MP uses language codes to identify the current language. Language codes are uint32 values representing a set of four characters. The first two characters specify the ISO 639-1 language code. The second set of two characters specifies the ISO-3166 A2 country code, when applicable. The country code is not applicable to all language codes; when the country code is not applicable, the Brew MP language code is simply the ISO 639-1 language code followed by two space characters. For example:

  • Korean (LNG_KOREAN) is defined as "ko" (0x20206f6b) without the optional country code ("ko" for language code and two spaces for country code).
  • Brazilian Portuguese (LNG_PORTUGUESE_BRAZIL) is defined as "ptbr" (0x72627470) with the country code ("pt" for language code and "br" for country code).

The complete set of language codes is available in the AEELngCode.h header file, which is located in the platform/system/inc directory in the Brew MP SDK.