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Creating and editing resource files

You can create and edit resource files using Resource Manager, a GUI application that is included in the Brew MP toolset. You can also view and edit CAR files using the Excel add-in provided by Brew MP.

Resource Manager

The Brew MP SDK includes Resource the Manager, an application for creating and editing CAR files and compiling them into BAR files. Resource Manager is also used for creating, editing, and compiling CIF files into Module Information Files (MIF). Resource Manager handles strings in all supported character encodings. See Character encoding.

You can edit directly in Resource Manager, viewing strings in GUI or source mode. The resulting compiled BAR and MIF files are ready to run in the Simulator or on a device.

For more information on Resource Manager, see the Tools Reference, which is available in the Brew MP SDK and in on the Brew MP website.

Excel add-in

Brew MP also provides an Excel add-in translation tool that can be used to view and edit CAR files using Microsoft Excel. However, the Excel add-in can only be used for string resources. The string resources must be in CAR files that contain only string resources. Images and other resources can be stored in a separate CAR file.

The Excel add-in can be used to compare and merge car files, and can also be used by translators who are using the Google translation service. For more information on the Excel add-in, see the Excel add-in help, which is also available on the Brew MP web site in

The following figure shows the view of a CAR file in the Excel add-in: