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Language suffixes

Using this approach, resource files should be created for each language with filenames that have the language code as a suffix. All resources must be stored in the same directory. Applications can use the AEE_RES_LANGSUF macro and the filename when ISHELL_LoadResXX() functions to load resources.

Applications should have default language resources in case no resources for a language are available on the device. Resources for the default language reside in resource files that do not contain a language suffix in the file name.

For example, for an application developed for English, Spanish, and French, with English as the default language, the resource file names are as follows:

  • The file contains English .
  • The file contains English icon.
  • The file contains Spanish resources.
  • The file contains Spanish icon resources.
  • The file contains French resources.
  • The file contains French icon resources.